City of Glass: Engraving a Legend (Prof. Terry Vosbein)

2 students are sought for a project on “City of Glass: Engraving a Legend” with Prof. Terry Vosbein that will begin on 6/3/2024 and last for 10 weeks

Project Description:

Stan Kenton’s 1948 performance of “The City of Glass” revolutionized the jazz landscape, pushing the boundaries of big band music. It was performed once, in a concert at the Chicago Opera House. The music has laid dormant at the University of North Texas, except for one Danish band’s performance in the 1990s. It has never been published. The Stan Kenton Research Center possesses a scan of the original 1948 music manuscript. The Center is the world’s only center dedicated to the music of the jazz bandleader. I am its founder and curator. This project aims to transform the historic handwritten documents into a meticulously engraved, modern edition suitable for scholarly exploration and publication. The student scholar(s) on this project will transcribe these scanned manuscripts into the Finale notation software. This meticulous process involves a note-by-note input of each part. Subsequently, the compiled score will undergo rigorous editing, formatting, and preparation for publication. By producing a polished and accurate edition of “The City of Glass,” I aim to make this masterpiece accessible to musicians, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. The endeavor aligns with the Stan Kenton Research Center’s mission to preserve and promote the rich musical legacy of Stan Kenton.


Students must have a working knowledge of standard music notation and the software, Finale.

Special Comments

This project is well suited for virtual work.

Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/3/2024

Estimated End Date: 8/9/2024

Maximum number of students sought: 2

Contact Information: Prof. Terry Vosbein (