Pedagogical Approaches to AI-driven Web Development for Non-Tech Professionals (Prof. Jeff Barry)

1 student is sought for a project on “Pedagogical Approaches to AI-driven Web Development for Non-Tech Professionals” with Prof. Jeff Barry that will begin on 6/10/24 and last for 10 weeks

Project Description:

This summer research project explores strategies for introducing non-technical audiences to the complexities of developing web applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The project seeks to identify methods for demystifying the process of integrating AI technologies into web development for individuals lacking a programming background. Through a detailed examination of various educational methodologies, the project will focus on curriculum design, best practices, and learning tools for conveying complex technical concepts in an accessible manner. The ultimate goal is to create a framework for empowering non-tech professionals with the knowledge and skills to participate in the creation and management of AI-driven products and services.


Some experience in programming.

Special Comments


Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/10/24

Estimated End Date: 8/16/24

Maximum number of students sought: 1

Contact Information: Prof. Jeff Barry (