Effective Altruism and Its Critics: Dignity, Ethics, and a More Just World (Prof. Howard Pickett)

2 more students are sought for a project on “Effective Altruism and Its Critics: Dignity, Ethics, and a More Just World” with Prof. Howard Pickett that will begin on 6/1/2024 and last for 8 weeks

Project Description:

“Effective Altruism and Its Critics” will give SRS participants an opportunity to read about, discuss, and research the main debates related to the increasingly popular effective altruism (EA) movement. We will examine the work of effective altruists and their critics (including Kantians, contractualists, and others) both charitably (looking for their best insights) and critically (looking for the limitations of their arguments). In other words, we will neither uncritically BASH nor uncritically PRAISE Effective Altruism. Each SRS student will be given the opportunity to research a particular philosophical issue related to EA and also apply our thinking about EA (and its alternative ethical frameworks) to a social problem that matters to YOU! By participating, you will gain a better understanding not only of EA but also, more broadly, of some of the most important debates in ethical theory and, last but not least, some of the most promising ways of adressing one of our world’s most pressing social problems.


Ideally, applicants will have some familiarity with ethics and with addressing social problems in respectful ways (e.g., through courses in POV or PHIL). However, applicants with background in Effective Altruism or ethics, even without coursework in POV or PHIL, will also be considered.

Special Comments

Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/1/2024

Estimated End Date: 7/26/2024

Maximum number of students sought: 2

Contact Information: Prof. Howard Pickett (Picketthy@wlu.edu)