Watching Film and Television in Foreign Languages (Prof. Angela Sun)

1 student is sought for a project on “Watching Film and Television in Foreign Languages” with Prof. Angela Sun that will begin on 6/1/24 and last for 10 weeks

Project Description:

I am seeking research assistance from a student who is fluent in Korean and familiar with Korean culture for an ongoing project that concerns watching film and television produced in a language other than one’s own. Together, we will carefully watch K-Dramas (including Crash Landing on You and Extraordinary Attorney Woo), analyzing them for dialects and accents, effective vs. ineffective subtitling, dubbing quality, and subtle cultural references. Over the course of our research, students will develop a deep understanding of the aesthetic challenges posed by engaging with film and television in a language other than one’s own as well as broader awareness of questions in the philosophy of film and television.


Fluency in spoken and written Korean and familiarity with Korean culture are required. Previous coursework in philosophy is a plus but not required.

Special Comments

Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/1/24

Estimated End Date: 8/9/24

Maximum number of students sought: 1

Contact Information: Prof. Angela Sun (