Create a detailed and interactive online map of W&L’s back campus (Prof. John Tombarge)

1 student is sought for a project on “Create a detailed and interactive online map of W&L’s back campus” with Prof. John Tombarge that will begin on 6/3/24 and last for 6 weeks

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to use Geographic Information System software (ArcGIS) to create an online interactive map of the back campus, which will include 360 degree photos that showcase the different areas of the back campus. This project involves education and utilization of advanced GIS software mechanics, including applying LIDAR scans of the back campus. The map will display all trails, the gazebo, and the disc golf course. The map would provide better exposure for the various opportunities the back offers.


Special Comments

The student will need to apply themselves to learning the ArcGIS software.

Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/3/24

Estimated End Date: 7/12/24

Maximum number of students sought: 1

Contact Information: Prof. John Tombarge (