Connected Women: Religion, Text and Network in the Early Modern World (Prof. Genelle Gertz)

2 students are sought for a project on “Connected Women: Religion, Text and Network in the Early Modern World” with Prof. Genelle Gertz that will begin on 6/3/2024 and last for 8 weeks

Project Description:

I am co-editing an interdisciplinary volume of essays on early modern women, religion and networks. My co-editor (Prof. of English Erin McCarthy at University of Galway) and I have gathered several scholars in the fields of English and History who are contributors to the volume, and we will convene some zoom meetings over the summer for these contributors to share the progress of their chapters and the questions they are working on. I am looking for students to help me update the scholarly literature section I have already drafted for the book proposal. It would involve reading books and articles relating to networks, women, and religion in the early modern time period. I envision the students participating in the zoom sessions with contributors to hear them present their work and talk through their writing and scholarly questions. For anyone who thinks they might want to pursue research in the post-graduate setting, this experience would be valuable. It would also be valuable to anyone considering graduate school in English, Religion or History.


It would help to have completed upper-level courses on early modern history, either English, European or global; or in religion and women; or in upper-level English courses that focus on the pre-1700 period. However, I will consider someone without those prerequisites as long as they are eager to read scholarly books and articles on these areas.

Special Comments

This work can be completed on campus or remotely. There won’t be any archival trips. Any manuscripts we review from the time period will be digitized and in English.

Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/3/2024

Estimated End Date: 7/26/2024

Maximum number of students sought: 2

Contact Information: Prof. Genelle Gertz (