Journalistic Collaboration Book Project (Prof. Patrick Walters)

1 student is sought for a project on “Journalistic Collaboration Book Project” with Prof. Patrick Walters that will begin on 6/1/2024 and last for 10 weeks

Project Description:

In this project, I am seeking a student researcher to assist me in putting together a book proposal on the ways that journalistic collaborations are reshaping the field of journalism as reporters work with new types of groups – from artistic groups, to nonprofits and universities, to public entities. I have been studying three collaborations for the past two years and produced two articles out of this research, all of which is building toward a book. The collaborations being studied include one in Charlottesville that is looking to refocus news coverage on race; one in Philadelphia that is looking to improve news coverage of gun violence; and a third in Dallas, Texas, that is working on news coverage of affordable housing. The student will be asked to help me look at public records and news content that could help illustrate the possible societal impact of these collaborations. The student would also be helping to transcribe interviews and put together the book proposal.


The student should have completed at least JOUR 101.

Special Comments

The research will be able to be done remotely, with internet access. It will also require regular phone and Zoom meetings.

Project Information

Estimated Start Date: 6/1/2024

Estimated End Date: 8/9/2024

Maximum number of students sought: 1

Contact Information: Prof. Patrick Walters (